My knee

So on Sunday I had a quick jaunt across to Dorchester to do a small comedy stint at my mates Ska BQ which was great fun then on the Monday I hobbled my way to the private hospital for a quick knee op. Keyhole thingy but the gave me general anaesthetic and were les than chuffed when I came round and said I was getting the train up to Southampton airport for night in a hotel and then flying today to Rennes. I had to be a bit les than truthful when I said I would stay in Dorchester and my nephew would come and keep an eye on me. Well suffice to say that the trip to soton and today’s flight passed without incident and I am home with a fairly sore knee but on the way to recovery. So much to do this leave and being crooked is a pain but I have been carrying this injury for nearly a year now and it wasn’t getting better by itself. I will post up some more when more happens.
Love and peace

3 thoughts on “My knee

  1. I liked your comment about ‘pissy knickers’. Well I bet there are a few pissy knickers in FE’s Bath HQ as they try and sort out the complete fuck up since 1st September.
    Are you using any other forums ?.

    Best wishes,


    • Aye Aye Gary, When I am at home I don’t really log in much at all to any sites due to being busy with the build. I did have look at the clusterfuck that FE has become and am glad I am out of it if I am honest. The whole look of it and user unfriendliness of it, yet alone some of the insipid arselickers that have risen to prominence will probably see it falter now. Tragic considering how much of a useful font of knowledge it has been over the years.
      I guess with such few numbers crossing form UK to France and with so many dissatisfied whining victims or vacuous vindictive lickspittles outnumbering the interesting members that are left it can only really fade away.
      I have only logged in tonight for the first time in a week and noticed several messages so I will take care to be more active and bloggish
      Cheers Bentley

  2. Glad to hear you have had your ‘housemaker’s knee’ sorted. There is only so much you can do sitting on a skateboard and knees are useful for other things as well like showing people where your shorts end. At least you have been spared being chased across France by Interpol for discharging your knee without permission and being banged up in some Spanish jail just for wanting the best for it. Hope your recovery is swift and does not get in the way of any of your scheduled jobs. Bathroom looks blinding and most impressed with your tile keyhole surgery. Suggest you give Mrs B the task of doing something creative with those little round tiles you’ve made………

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