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Aye Aye My beauties
As some of you know I started this blog on an obscure French interest site called Total France which subsequently became French Entree and the the blog of Jilly and my exploits on the build attracted about 40,000 hits over the last 5 years.
It is no longer available on that site due to a fit of pique by the admin/moderator team, therefore all future updates will only be available on here so if you are enjoying the story and think others would too then please feel free to spread the word and share the website address to those you feel would enjoy it.

If there is any technical aspect I might have missed or anything you think I am not doing and should be then fill your boots and make a comment and I will answer if I can

Love and Peace

5 thoughts on “Home of the Renovation Blog

  1. Hi Bentley

    Pleased I had the fore site to put you on my ‘favourites’ now pleased I did as just skimming through French EntrĂ©e could not understand why you had disappeared !!!!

    I have for many years enjoyed reading about your adventures in rebuilding your home as my husband and I did the same thing in Normandy and lived there for 12 years. I have laughed at your antics and mishaps, only because we have been there too! and yes it was and still is funny when remembering. We are now back in the uk this last 4 years, living in Northumberland for the latest page in our book of adventures. I wish you all the best and keep on writing !!

    all the best


    • Aye Aye Margaret, I am glad you are enjoying our story and wish you all the best with your latest adventure.
      The next installment of this one will be in about 6 weeks as as I am home now and full on busy with getting the kitchen done
      Love and peace

  2. Bently,
    Margaret beat me to it. Everything shes says from me as well. FF has just got weird….
    Look forward to reading your ongoing tales of renovation.


  3. Best wishes on your future adventures I thought you often posted crap on the TF/FE but you were at least always honest in your beliefs and it was just my personal opinion
    The new FE site is so bad after giving me a lifetime ban last Christmas I can now log on and lurk around lol


    • Aye Aye Steve, If we all agreed with each others crap it would be a bland life indeed. The state of the new site is rather dire however they seem to be stamping out any dissent by removing posts that in any way criticise it which is the sort of behaviour that lends me to imagine the gleam of a well polished jackboot and sharp click of heels as I type.
      The renovationn blog will be kicking off again shortly as I have been called back to sea three weeks early so will be updating shortly.
      Likewise myrusticview blog will become more active as I continue to post my own version of crap arf arf

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