End of an Era

Aye Aye landlubbers, well it had to happen in the end and if I am being honest I am surprised I lasted as long as I did.
My time spent posting on FrenchEntree has been bought to an end.
For those of you not in the know it is an obscure website for people who have some sort of connection with France, and is often a useful mine of information about the various day to day foibles of living there.
I spent most of my time on the site in the chatterbox section which is a sort of open forum.
There are a few interesting and intelligent people who post occasionally and enjoy a good argument or discussion about most subjects, but, as with any society, there are few grudge bearing arseholes as well. The sort of people who if you disagree with take it as some sort of mortal wound and for evermore harbour ill will to anything you say about any subject.
Over the last year or two there has been a subtle changing of the forum demographic and general dumbing down along with a bit of an exodus. Unfortunately several members have begun displaying far right tendencies and there has been an increase in those with rather delicate sensibilities, who have an attack of the vapours whenever they are disagreed with. Rather than argue their point they usually resort to petty pissy knickered schoolgirl personal abuse or crying about how beastly everyone is, ever keen to shoot the messenger rather than confront uncomfortable truths of the message.
Looking back I have been like fox in chicken coup for ages and by being evicted fomr the site has done me a favour and it is time I stopped wasting my time and moved on to concentrate on my own writing.
I dont mind that my forthright and uncompromising manner of posting is no longer suited the “blanding” of the site, but what has raised my hackles is that I started the renovation blog on there which has had 40,000 hits, and in a weird and unpleasant act to sanitise me from the site (or ethnically cleanse me ha ha ) they took the thread down so that all the people who had been following it (on there) wont get to see the continued story, unless they know this blog site address.
For some bizarre reason they also took down the creative writing thread (like a miniblog) I had started which also had thousands of hits.
It is a vindictive and paranoid act by a moderator or two who appear to have become carried away with their little bit of power, but their behavior is even more strange and duplicitous given how I have often been vocal in my support for them and the site.
I will miss a slack handful of the members as they were always good for banter and chat, but as to the rest “fuck em” the bunch of petty minded backstabbers.
Had the bunker-minded and rather vengeful ‘powers that be’, in their desperation to get rid of me, just left the renovation thread with link to “myrusticview” intact (but locked) I would have just shrugged my shoulders and buggered off without a backward glance, but due to their unnecessary malevolent behaviour they have unwittingly unleashed a bit of mischief for a while.

The big bonus for me is that I can spend more time writing on here without getting sidetracked and bogged down arguing with the sort of people who (and I kid you not) are of the opinion that:-
most young people who are sexually abused bought it on themselves,
that it is perfectly acceptable to justify the wholesale slaughter of women and children just as long as it is israelis doing the killing,
that the royal family deserve to be lauded financially supported,
but that anyone else on benefits are lazy scam and should get jobs,
that churches are good for people,
that the death penalty is a good thing,
that thatcher deserves to be made saint,
that free market capitalism really works for the benefit of everyone,
etc etc etc

The reason I rail (and always will) against foul shit like that is because if no-one does argue voraciously against it then more people will take the easy “follow the herd route” spewed out by the popular media and come to think of it as being acceptable.
It isn’t.

Love and peace

19 thoughts on “End of an Era

  1. Aye Aye Pathca and cheers.
    It only takes a concerted effect by a few who are determined to find offence in everything you write before a moderator decides it is easier for her to eliminate the voice of dissent. (that and little bit of power wielding no doubt)
    Pusillanimous (imo) but that’s the way it has been going for a while, and as I said the bonus is that the time I would normally spend on there arguing the toss about whatever subject took my fancy will be better spent on more creative writing for the blog. No more excuses for procrastination.

    The renovation thread will continue be updated on here and hopefully those interested in it will find there way here to check on the progress, especially as we are now in the last third.
    I do find their action, in deleting what was the most comprehensive floor to ridge tile renovation thread project on any French interest site, to be puzzling, somewhat malicious and a tad undignified, but having expressed my displeasure I am already getting over it and hopefully the renovation section on this site will go form strength to strength because of it.
    Project 2 will get its launch this year as well.

    Love and Peace

    • Hi Bentley

      Was very pleased I thought to put your blog under ‘my favourites’ or else you would have been lost for ever…..I have enjoyed over the years your trials & tribulations with the work you and the family have done on your French home, which gave me many a chuckle, in so much it reflected on the work & toil my husband I did on our Normandy house, which was pretty much in the same state as yours when we bought it ! We spent just over 12 years in France living our adventure but have now returned to live in Northumberland for the next one. We have been back now for four years and I must say we are very happy, and have done up another house here too, but this will be the last !!! Sorry your not on the French site any more as I agree your step by step methods I expect would have been a great help to others, but its amazing how small minded people can be with a bit of power !! Keep writing anyway your good and very funny, even though you do swear !

      kind regards


  2. All the best from me, the forum certainly has far less class about it these days.

    Look forward to visiting your sites for updates.


    • Been home for a week and busy as ever with the build.
      I did have look on the FE site a couple of days ago and I nearly spat out my St Emillion when I saw that mistys dodgy looking B&Q construction style bathroom had been made a sticky.
      FFS they must have ingratiated the pair of themselves into the buddy buddy books of those in high places. .
      Ah well, you gotta laugh if that’s the level of originality and quality they think people might be interested in.
      I had a look in the chatterbox but had to resist posting as my response to some of the turgid guff would so obviously be “me” and my cover would be blown.
      I do miss the banter with some of the more enlightened members however I am guessing that the new forum design cover will be “beige” ha ha and I doubt very much if I will be nipping in for a look anymore.
      I will just blog my own stuff out into the ether and see where it ends up.

      • I guess they advertise on there, which is a problem with any forum.

        I did have a little discussion with a moderator regarding your renovation thread being re-instated, which it was.

        I note that your link to this site has been removed.

        Looking forward to the next instalment of the build. Keep them coming.


        • Considering it is the most comprehensive and most popular, by view, thread about a floor to ridge tile renovation on any French interest site, you would have thought the moderator team could put aside personal prejudice and leave the thread with the link for this site intact but the moderators duplicitous and vindictive pique seems to have prevented that. Strange really as the vast majority of readers never contributed to the forum anyway.

          Moving on, the next installments will be after this leave and should see some significant changes.


    • I did and the word “clusterfuck” springs to mind.
      It is pretty grim which is a tragedy considering how diverse and interesting and helpful it used to be.
      Cheers Bentley

  3. Hey Bentley,

    I’m sorry to say that I did not notice you were not on FE, I just thought you were busy with the renovations!

    But I agree that FE has become more right-wing, although there are some posters that occasionally try to point this out, but the recent ‘upgrade’ of the forum has so frustrated many people that I think it will die an un-natural death.

    We haven’t always agreed, but original thinkers are thin on the ground nowadays and should be encouraged, not banned!

    I’ll bookmark your blogs so I can keep up with the renovations.


    • Aye Aye Janet, I agree with you in that it’s not always about the agreement with each but about healthy discourse, and one would have thought that in a healthy, malice free, forum area, that slightly contentious thinkers (especially ones prepared to challenge preconceived ideas and the status quo) would not be targeted for censure. However due the prevalence of a few spiteful grudge-holders who have managed to ingratiate themselves with the moderation team it would seem that genuine honest and forthright opinion is out of fashion.
      I have always believed that unless you rock the boat now and again the powers that be will think there is no-one on it .
      I hope you enjoy the next updates of the renovation as we are starting to get to the “icing on the cake” stage for some rooms now..
      Love and peace

      • Well I have just asked the Mods to cancel my membership of FE.
        7+ years and bollocks to them. They have removed the ‘access problem’ thread as people were needlessly complaining and being a nuisance !. Wasn’t that what Hitler did with the Jews ?.

        • I understand where you are coming from Gary and I am bemused as to who they want to attract or keep on the site, or why they are determined to create a bland, dumbed down, puerile site fit only for people of that ilk or who those who pay to advertise their wares and spend all their time brown nosing the mods.
          I think they should rotate on a regular basis the mods to prevent the sort of “power going to the head” and the ingratiating by some members as has so obviously happened lately.
          Sad to see what once was a great site going so quickly downhill.

  4. Hi, Bentley. I have also been elected to the ”If you have something to say, f*** off” club of excommunicated FE members! (And I’m not the only one.) Why, I don’t know – having written to the mods asking the reason all I have received is silence. I think it’s because I criticised their catastrophe of an ”upgrade” or because I was PMing others with links to a couple of more open-minded French forums. Whatever, there are others who have done the same but are still there – whether it’s because they haven’t been rumbled or are in the mods good books, I don’t know. Perhaps we should move to China or Zimbabwe where freedom of expression is better tolerated?

    Anyway, FE has become totally bland. Clearly, other than for those with some connection, criticism of the new look forum is instantly removed and moderated. Chatterbox is effectively dead. I suppose that’s what happens when it is moderated in the manner of a truculent teenager! The France Forum and Complete France have livened up with some familiar names cropping up.

    Anyway, I think it unlikely that the thought police will censor this particular contribution to your blog site!!!

    Whle we are on different sides of several fences I hope we both share the belief in freedom of expression and the right to say what’s on one’s mind. Otherwise we might as well be drones.

    Happy days.


    • Aye Aye JSKS, Yes it seems to be that their new look forum (bloody awful) is to be devoid of anyone capable of independent thought and the ability to express it. The power of moderation seems to have gone to the lead moderators head and is now sadly done in a pusillanimous and duplicitous way. It would seem that the meek, the bland, the easily offended, those who brown nose the mods and, of course not forgetting, those who pay to advertise, have inherited what beige scraps are left of the earth (well, FE at any rate).
      It gives you an idea of the petulance being displayed when in a fit of pique the lead mod first removes the sticky, and then deletes the most popular renovation thread (40,000 hits and counting) on any french forum (in fact all the forums combined). Farcical and sad by turn.
      As to the other forums you mention, if I remember rightly the france forum was set up by andrew rose and his cliquey bunch of chums (disgrunmtled with changes to the TF) and although I was member for a while it quickly became impossible to disagree with the spouting of certain favourites or you had the bootboy mods jumping in siding with their pals. I just couldn’t be arsed with it (or them) in the end. I have never really bothered with the other one.
      I am happy to carry on with my blog although I don’t post anywhere near as much as I would like to as it is often better (creatively and motivationally) to have access to opposing opinions with which to better formulate and express your own. Well that’s my excuse anyway.

      We do indeed share the belief about the freedom of expression and the right to express whats on ones mind.
      I would add that we also have the right to disagree with views that are diametrically opposed to ones own without the other person having a fit of the vapours or calling for a fatwah, or decide to bear a grudge which thereafter clouds every post they make in response to your own. Sadly there are too many of them lurking about on FE and other french forums to make it worthwhile, or enjoyable, to starting posting again.

      May your camels multiply and the sun shine on you and yours
      ps The renovation blog is shortly to be updated with the latest stories and pics

  5. Hi Bentley. I am also one of the FE exiles.. not ‘blocked’ but given up of my own accord due o the above mentioned antics. Strange bunch.. I missed your posts.. along with the more right wing lot! I just like a good debate from time to time.. will bookmark your blog so I can keep up with things


    • Aye Aye Linda, yes they certainly seem to have taken a strange direction and I have had several private mails form other disappointed ex members.
      I hope you enjoy the blogs and keeping up to date with the renovation on the billyandgentley dream builders section.
      Love and Peace

  6. Glad I found you! I was halfway through reading your blog of FE when they changed it all around (bit like shopping in bloody Tesco!). Had a hard time finding you again. Tried searching using your original title of The Story of A Renovation in Brittany! but thankfully my hubby remembered your name. 🙂

    • Aye Aye Pippa, I hope now you have found me again you continue to enjoy the story of the renovation. There wioll be a few more updates in the new week or so.

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