At first I thought it was alright but…

Aye Aye Landlubbers
It would seem that Mr Russel Brand has been causing a bit of a stir with his “revolution”.
Its a new booky wook by all accounts, and from the bits I have read it has some excellent, articulate rhetoric which one has come to expect from Mr Brand, but he has (it seems to me) stopped short of reaching a proper conclusion when he calls on the young and dissatisfied not to vote.

He seems to have had a bit of a recent transformation from “ex junkie-shagartist-comedian-film-bloke” to a bit of a revolutionary thinker and although I cant fault the sentiment in his reasoning, (and enjoy his “trews” podcasts (google it) his call to arms, through people not voting, shows a bit of stunted development in his journey of academic and politicalised learning.

I believe Mr Brands considerable and commendable communication skills would be better employed encouraging young people take part in the democracy so hard fought for by so many over the years.

We all know (or should know) the tories are trouser stuffing scum doing all they can to further disenfranchise the working man, and we all know that the appalling Nu labor abomination were just tories with red ties, and the less said about the vacuous lib dems and the gormless jingoistic ukip the better.

We also know (or should know) that between labour and tory over the last 40 years they have created the “fuck you I’m alright Jack” mentality that infests the society of the UK like a soul sucking virus, along with the now so called (and much vilified and easily blamed for the UK’s woes) “underclass” of lifelong benefit claimants.

We know (as has been proven in the last 4 years) that the lib dems will suck the rancid cock of either of them if it means they can get their noses in the trough for a while and we all know (or should know) that the ghastly ukip are a bunch of turncoat, jingoistic chancers and political pygmies, with unfortunately a superb PR team who have actually managed to get them inordinate amounts of airtime for what are basically are at best one trick ponies.

Tragically for UK politics they (ukip) are getting enough airtime to have actually convinced some of the more gullible members of the public (who if they spent a few minutes thinking about it for themselves, would surely or at least should know better) that they would be a good alternative to the others!!!
Come on for fucks sake, use you brains and check out “who” is funding this tosh and more importantly try to work out “why” they are funding it. It is a con trick to sell you the same shit with yet a different coloured cover.

However there are alternatives that are worth voting for, such as well meaning independents, and to some degree the Greens, if only they could manage to drop the crusty-hippy-shit image they trail around, although I know they are trying it is proving to be a very difficult hand-wovem, tie-dyed, hemp blanket to shrug off. Of course they don’t have all the policies to solve all the ailments of the UK but they do have ideas that would solve some of them, and that’s not a bad place to start. At least it is a start.

You cant make change happen if you do nothing, and it will takes years, decades even to achieve any meaningful change but please Russel Brand don’t ask young people turn their backs on the democratic process in the vain attempt it will make change happen, because all you will do is give the foul bane of toryism a massive hard on and make their goal of returning the populace to serfdom that much easier and quicker to achieve.

The Alabama Three made great song where they wrote “Mao said Revolution comes through the barrel of a gun” but dont for one minuite listen to the nhotgheads that think this is an option in today’s society in the UK or the states etc, for the simple reason that 99.9% of any effective weaponry is owned by the governments paid protectors, ie the police and army, and they would not hesitate for one second to unleash live rounds on the street if they thought that the size and ferocity of the protest was such that it might unseat them from their lofty roosts.
Plus the fact of look what happens when people are left alone for a few days to run riot!!! what do they do???
They start looting and burning their own neighbourhood. That’s how fucking dense and dumbed down and consumer-junkie vast tracts of our societies psyche’ have become.

The next few years are absolutely crucial for peopel to get politicised if for no other reason that in my hopefully 30 years left I dont want to die knowing that this generation of youth will be remembered as the generation that threw away what few tattered shreds of freedom and human rights we still have and that uor forefathers and ancestors fomr all walks of life fought so hard to obtain.
Selfish of me I know but I am an idealist therefore I hope, nay! I “expect”, better.

Don’t forget that in order to make a change you have to be in a position to be able to effect that change and the best way to do that is by getting stuck right into the current mechanism and changing it from within.
If lots of the star struck fans of Mr Brand take him up on his wobbly incomplete conclusion that “not to vote” is the way forward you will quickly find that it is in fact a massive step backwards as far as your liberty and rights as individuals go.

I write this a someone who has shunned voting since 1997 (and have argued against it myself until quite recently) because it seemed that all I had were three different coloured sacks of shit to choose from, that when you opened them up were just full of the exactly the same shit. As the expression goes you cant polish a turd, but you can put glitter on it which has been proven time and time again over the last few decades by politicians on all sides of the house.
I have reached the conclusion that I have been wrong not to vote, (thanks Mr Brand, your revolution has stirred me back to the ballot box) because refusing to vote not only dismisses, with one idle petulant wave of the hand, the untold sacrifices people went through for me to have it in the first place, but my non-vote is one step closer to the finishing line for some corporate sponsored tory hell bent on shoving yet more of the nations assets into his and his chums back pocket at the expense of all others. And that disgusting blight and fetter on society has to be stopped.

Love and Peace

(ps I welcome any comments on my bloggs as long as they are addressing the message as opposed to just taking petty pot shots at the messenger)

2 thoughts on “At first I thought it was alright but…

  1. Sorry B but I still think you are missing the point. Russel isn’t advocating that we eradicate the vote but that we boycott the current voting system. Why go to the trouble of ticking a box in a booth when it will not go to the candidate/party you intended but to the one holding the majority of seats? That needs to change- it is undemocratic and perpetuates the rule of the three main parties of whom you speak. You need to see the bigger picture rather than jump to defend voting as a human right. Yes it is a human right and it is being utterly stamped upon by the current system, by making a stand we might reclaim it and use it in the way it was fought for.
    Oh, and some new analogies for politicians and their parties please, you are repeating yourself.
    Love you x

    • Well hello beautiful wife.
      I think you have read me wrong here as I didn’t suggest he said “eradicate the vote” but he “is” advocating not voting which is in my opinion the wrong thing to do and will do nothing to improve the general lot of the population.
      The system we have is the “only” democracy we have at this time and the only way to change it is to infiltrate it.
      Street protest is useless, and not voting just gives more power to the people who already have it.

      I don’t see the right to vote being stamped on by anyone, but what I do see is very few credible people putting themselves forward as candidates and those that do are up against the well organised machines of the the big three and their friends in the media.
      That can only be countered by using the new social media most people are using to post pictures of their dinner with to rally support and spread the word but for that to happen people have to accept that what we have is broken and not fit for purpose.

      The current system isn’t working for the good of the nation because not enough people are voting. In particular not enough young people are voting.
      And I am saying that as someone who hasn’t voted since 97 and now admit I was wrong.
      I think your analogy about how voting operates is mistaken because how it works is that if Fred Blogs stands in the general election in West Dorset (on for arguments sake an “Honesty in Government” ticket) and enough people agree with him and vote for him he will become an independent MP.
      That’s one less tory or labour or libdem etc
      If enough Fred Blogs around the country pull the same stunt they can begin to effect change by being in position to start to influence that change. But if they don’t put themselves forward and if people don’t vote for them or anyone else due to erroneous calls from the likes of RB, or the dearth of honest, non self interested people to vote for, then we end up with more of the same.
      Boycotting the current system is a flawed idea born of not thinking through the consequences to its logical conclusion, which is that it would just enhance the power and ultimate wealth of those who we already think are unfit to control it, and as such Mr Band has let himself down (IMO).

      Just because vast swathes of the population decide to boycott the current voting system no- one is going to dump it while it enables them to keep their noses the trough.
      People of wealth have for centuries been telling everyone that they know whats best because they have such a vested interest in the populace believing that lie. The foreluck tuggers hoping for a few crumbs to be thrown from the table and the sort who will stand by the side of the road waving a flag at some rich old woman in a posh car with a crown have kept that myth alive.
      Trying to change it wont happen by ignoring the system is there, it needs to be infiltrated in order for it to be changed. (IMO)
      With love

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