Long Time No See

Aye aye Landlubbers “Long Time No See”
A host of reasons why I have not been active for the last year or two and some of them are:-
On billy & gentley dreambuilders the closer we came to completion the less it became in our minds project and the more it became our home which by definition is more private than a project. Couple that with the fact that Photobucket blocked all my photos and said that if I shared them on my own website they wanted hundreds of dollars a year for the service. They have been told to fuck off and I am in the process of down loading and transferring them via another route.
We also decided that it is a bit daft not to complete the whole thing on the blog so there will be several new updates over the next few months to the 95% completion that it now is.

On my blog blog I have been distracted with the political situation in the UK and spent most of my time on social media arguing against right wing fuckwitted tory voters. Waste of time in retrospect but had to be done.
I have lots top create and lots of stroeis still to tell so I am back in the saddle as far as thats concerned.

Also we have started project 2 and progress and procedure will soon be published.

I feel very comfortable back here like slipping on a favourite pair of shoes after thinking them lost.
As an old mate of mine once said “you get two chances in life to get blog going, once on the way up and once on the way down,
Its good to be back 🙂

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