What’s in The Box???

Oh I say I wonder what it could be in these two large packages

Well that’s right!!!


It is the Warmsler 1100 in Burnt Sienna ready for fitting into its new pride of place in the kitchen. First we had to make level plinth on the granite fire site. WE did this by knocking up some temporaray shuttering and using a concrete mix then a self leveling screed / tile glue mix as the top level coat.
The plastic pipe you can see sticking out is the direct air feed from outside to keep the draughts down inside. Once it has dried we fitted a piece of zinc over the top to prevent the surface fomr chipping or gouging when we slid the 250 KG + stove into position

There it is in place (with a temp emergency overflow in red)

We have bit of fine tuning to do on the flue thermostat and lot of learning to do on how to drive it properly and how cook on it but it is already a most warmly (geddit??) welcome addition to the Bentley household.

Next Installment is another significant leap forward in the renovation and that is the fitting of the big back windows and doors.

Love and peace

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