The Sheds have Gone Long Live and Long Love the Sheds

Aye Aye landlubbers, Well it has finally happened. It was always on the cards but the planned demolition was often considered almost a sacrilege by ourselves and those who have visited and been “shedded right up” but the day has come and Shed One and YeeHaw are no more.
I forgot to do a complete pictorial history of the de-construction however this was the foundation blocks of Shed One after it was down.

And here is a partially deconstructed Yee Haw doors and windows removed

Here the sun sets for one last time on YeeHaw throwing the golden light on the carcass

And the paper rose that had survived for 7 years under the eaves

And there it was gone

Sad in many ways as a lot of laughter love and joy was embedded in those sheds over the 7 years thye have effectively been our home but as was mentioned earlier they were always destined for removal.

But don’t despair fellow shed lovers because out of the ashes of despair and rising from the sawdust and timbers of the carnage a new and magnificent, and yet to be named (suggestions welcome) shed arises being a combination of the other and a purpose built studio space for MrsB.
It has some of both sheds in it as well as some new materials where required and measures 6 by 3 meters.
WE have the roof on and sealed and the windows and doors in and the waterproof breather membrane around the sides on. Now it uis up to MrsB to clad it as I ran out of time and had to return to sea as many people have often surmised I left a few planks short of a shed.

Part of the floor and two sides

the space where the cherry tree was soon to be filled by more shed

MrsB loading up the cherry tree for sawing and seasoning to be burned in couple of years

First part of roof and the full size of the sides up

Door and couple of windows in

All the membrane and windows and doors in just awaiting cladding and internals

Not very pretty at the moment but from that ugly duckling a beautiful duck is going to emerge

So the sheds have gone but long live the sheds.

Next update on the leaves work to be posted shortly

Love and peace

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