The Shed Room gets its skin

Theis is the story of the “ShedRoom” as it has always been known because it is mainly wood clad on the inside in homage to the sheds (YeeHaw and Shed One) which have been home for the last 7 years.
It is the dorma room we created when we rebuilt the back of the house which looked originally like this

So knock the back down and put in the bottom of the framework for the Shed Room

Then up goes the internal framework within the roof

Nearly done but you can see the framework

Here with the roof on in winter 2009

then with the cladding on the outside

With some paint on the windows

With the eyebrow windows in.

From the outside – in, it came into being like this I wiont bnoitehr with any chat just show you the development of the room. The frame timbers are 100mm x 100mm the outer cladding is Douglas Fir 22mm as is the interior cladding.

Inside time to get the floor joists in and then the floorboards down

Inside after the floorboards looking through to the front of the house.

The ceiling insulation (150mm Celotex) on and the wall insulation (7omm celotex with a 35 layer foil insulation over that)

Then a leap forward to putting the plaster on

Then get daughter Pearl on the painting job

Waiting for downstairs fire flue to come through

Mega lampshade

Then get the floor sorted

Then get it really sorted

And now apart form some therma skirt for the heating and the corner edges for the timber walls and a couple of small patches (oh and the flue to finish) the jobs a goodd’un.

Love and peace

2 thoughts on “The Shed Room gets its skin

  1. It’s coming together beautifully! You must be so proud of all you’ve achieved. Well done to all, Mrs B, Pearl and boys. Very serious bathroom envy going on here. 🙂

    • Aye Aye Lorraine, I am glad you like it. Mrs B already has list of people who have “booked a bath” ha ha
      Still needs plenty of finishing touches and in process of choosing the right bath taps, the choice is narrowed down to two, a renovated victorian brass unit or an art deco hexagonal chrome one.
      I will post up the results when chosen and fitted which will be by mid december.
      Love and Peace

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