The Modern Marvel of Therma-Skirt

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“Therma-Skirt!!!” I hear you ask, “what could it possibly be?”
Well it is the same size as, and looks exactly like skirting board, but it is in fact a radiator that works as low as 35 to 45 degrees that goes all round the room at floor level gently delivering its heat to the entire room.
No more fannying about with gert big ugly (or even pretty) radiators clogging up wall and floor space, because this stuff is all round the room and you can have furniture against it without blocking the majority of the heat.
It ain’t cheap but it is very very good at what it does and because it works at a much lower temperature than normal central heating there are energy cost savings to be made.
Fitting is a doddle
First of all apply a line of heat reflective insulation tape.

Then make a level line at the appropriate height and screw in the securing clips

and then clip on the Therma-Skirt making sure to use the push fit corner connectors

You choose where it comes into the room via the piping and it just push fits together. The corner finish is “OK’, perhaps not as nice as mitered skirting but not really noticeable after a while. It comes with a coloured rubber grommet sealing thing for the top to get neat finish with the wall and there is a cable run beneath it so you can retro fit electric or speaker cables should you so wish.

This is a section side on, with the plastic protective coat half peeled off. You can see the two oval tubes (16mm) that the water runs round.

and in this one you can see how it clips on to the clips you put on the wall.

and here is the cable run that clips or slides in and has already proved useful (again you can see the peel off protective coating)

All in all we are well chuffed with it and our only complaint would be that when it first comes on it does “crack” a bit but then again so do some radiators. It is bit pricey but the way it delivers the heat makes it worth while in my opinion and we will be fitting some other bits where some discreet heat may be required but we don’t want the bulk of a radiator. (oh!! and we have a bit of straight level wall to put it on ha ha )

Love and peace

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  1. Wow – loving the recent updates. The solar panels, and the reasoning behind them, are spot on. The mismeasured doors look snugly fitted, and, well, the stove is just the awesomest thing ever. Good work!

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