The Bathroom

Aye Aye landlubbers, I have to say we are fairly chuffed with how the bathroom has turned out in terms of being close to our combined vision.
Our requirements were firstly from MrsB
Luxurious bath
Beautiful fittings
Warm opulent feel to the space
Not cramped
Plenty of natural light and targeted other light
The slight zany edge with a bit of “wow” factor
A room to enjoy being in not just functional

and then from me

A shower big enough for two
That two of us could fit in the shower
That MrsB could luxuriate in the bath with a massive supply of hot water
That the shower was powerful and controllable and could easily fit two people in
That the fittings were top quality and that the light was good be it natural or artificial
That is warm and the towels would be warm when you both exited the shower. (ha ha )

So if you go back in time on the this blog you wil see the photos of when we first laid out the bathroom floor and then put the walls in and then worked on the layout.
Here is a pictoral story of start to finish of the bathroom.

Early days with my son Zak and I putting in the joists and floor. The bathroom is to the left of where he is sat and the final measurements are 3.5 meters by 3.5 meters.

Up goes the first bit of 18mm marine ply which we ended up doubling up so we have 36mm of marine ply on the floor cross laid to prevent any movement

Here it is before the stud walls went up

It is mad to look at that and know it is 3.5 x 3.5

So then the Velux was in studwork was in the insulation was in and the plasterboard up

If you notice in this one I had to cut out some of the plasterboard already fitted so that the shower pipes and controls were not in a place where you would get wet turning them on.

Then in goes the shower tray

Of course not forgetting to get yourself trapped

Drain and water feed for the sink and electrics for the sink mirror lights

more plasterboarding and insulation

Floor tiles down and now comes the shower glass block wall

You can see the “in shower” ceiling LED lights

on with the block wall

then on with the shower wall tiles

Then get some plaster on

Then get some wall tiles on

Then get daughter Pearl in for some painting

get the big wonky shelf in place

Then fit in the shower gubbins and the bath stuff and the sink bits

And finally after years of waiting let MrsB loose with the finishing touches.

And that my hearties is the bathroom as good as finished. There is probably just one question poised on your lips “How well do two people fit in that shower?”, well let me tell you that a gentleman never tells.

It is fair to say that MrsB and I am well chuffed with the end result and it is the first room we have completely completed.

Love and Peace

9 thoughts on “The Bathroom

  1. Looking amazing now, Mr & Mrs B. Love Jilly’s peach/coral/blue colour scheme. Are the floor tiles new or reclaimed?

    Inspired by what you’re achieving, particularly in the way of green energy. When we go hunting for our smallholding, Mike’s particularly interested in a mill or river for hydro-electricity.

    I am sure we will be bringing the camper by your place for some tips!

    My top tip for stainless steel: baby oil!

    Enjoy your lovely bathroom!


    • Aye Aye Lorraine. Glad you like the room and you and MIke are welcome any time you are in the vicinity of Brittany.
      The tiles are new and bought them from the manufacturers in Kettering. They come as 1 tile with 4 tile patterns on it and they have about 28 different combinations so it is difficult to duplicate. they are copies of old original Victorian decorated tiles made in modern ceramic.

      When finding a mill make sure you check the small print as sometimes if the mill stream has been diverted you can end up with problems getting it back to run your turbine.


  2. 2 points: Firstly, your list of requirements was missing one thing – a handrail to stop you falling over and dislocating your shoulder while engaged in 2-person shower activities. Secondly, that daughter of yours needs some lessons in Health and Safety/PPE standards!

    Besides all that, it looks mighty fine! Good work!

    • Aye Aye Matt, I trust all is well round your neck of the woods.
      Unfortunately the shoulder was single handed (scuse the pun) shower incident however you have given me an idea of where to place some suitable “grab rails”.
      As for Pearl, she had so much paint on here at the end that I was going to dock her wages.
      Drop me an email and bring me up to date with your world.

    • To be honest life’s bit short to be concerning myself with fuckwits like those two.
      From flogging crappy old bric a brac and cowboy building in east sussex to punting bottom end tosh in France. Wow dizzy heights indeed.

  3. Ha, ha true enough. Latest laugh is that someone called them “artisans”.
    Anyway about your bathroom. Did you put underfloor heating in? Like the washstand having been turned into washbasin stand – great idea.

    • Aye Aye Jack,
      Artisans!!! FFS hoot hoot hoot, It just goes to show there is one born every minute.

      As the bathroom was upstairs on a 36mm plywood floor I didn’t put in UFH.
      I am beginning to wish I had put it in the kitchen now as even though the Warmsler stove does kick out a bit of heat (most of it has been going to the thermal store) the bits at the extremities of the room, ie near the door, are bit chilly on the coldest days and strategicly targeted UFH would have solved that. Lesson learned.
      I also have learned (form the lounge or as we call it the back2front room) that the more pipework you can get in under the floor the better is, but you do need a good control unit to keep it flowing at the right temp.
      We will be solving the kitchen situation with some more RadSkirt or Discreet Heat as it is very very effective if not a tad expensive.

      Mrs B came up with the idea for the washstand sink and as the finishing touches start to go in you will see more and more of her feminine touch and less of my heavy hand on the build.

      Cheers Bentley

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