The Bathroom is functioning

Ahoy! There M’hearties,
The bathroom sprang to life as well this time home.

Here is the shower gubbins in place with just one chrome 90 bend short of perfection

It is a fair torrential downpour of a shower and well worth the wait for it to come on line. Those of you who marveled at and reveled in the experience of the simplicity yet effectiveness of the “shed shower” will be in awe of the new Bentley shower. It is mighty and the attachment part is like setting off a fire hose.
here are some detail shots

Then comes the bath with its refurbished 1930 art-deco hexagonal taps and shower head and a very happy MrsB in the first bath
I found the taps in a brilliant site called Mongers ( absolutel;y lovel;y chap that runs it and they have some amazing stuff for sale.

some detail shots

Then there is the very efficient Oxford radiator and towel rail from Victoria Plumbing, Stands about 1500 high and produces loads of heat.

Then there is the sink unit in place with its more madern tap set up. Will get better pics of that once the plumbing kit has been stashed away ha ha

So there it is so far with just the airing cupboard to build and some tiddyvating to do and we are in business.

Love and peace

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