Onwards and upwards with the bathroom

After finishing off most of the tiling and grouting (apart form sikaflexing in the top of the shower tiles) MrsB and daughter P set about painting and tidying up the bathroom to bring it to about 80% finished.
Just the airing cupboard to build,
the top of the shower tiles to sikaflex in,
VMC suctions to put in,
radiator / tower rail to go in,
and of course the taps and drains.
So perhaps 75% finished is closer to the truth.
Either way you can get a feel for it now and if all goes to plan MrsB will be enjoying her first bath in late November.

Well happy with the shower cubicle which measures 2 meters by 1.15 and the shower head will be in the middle of the LEDs above the drain.

One word of warning here is that double check when you start the bathroom build where you want your shower taps to be.!!! We always planned on one of those big round headed “rain showers” but in my haste to get the walls up and insulated I forgot to put the pipes in the right place and they were coming up the back wall.
That meant you would have to reach in and turn it on and end up with a cold blast of water on your arm or head every time you used the shower, which would begin to mightily piss you off after one or two times.
Luckily I remembered in the nick of time and with a quick take down of some plasterboard and re-positioning of the pipes you now stand in the dry turn on the taps, check temp is OK, then get stuck in.
Much more civilised.
You can see the holes in the wall on the left on the above photo.

So this is what it looks like where the bath and sink will go (sink to the left)

A bit more of the floor.

Some glass block detail

And here it all is with the bath painted the right colour although still a little bit out of position and the basin arrangement in place but not plumbed in.

We are as the saying goes “rather chuffed” with it and look forward to being yet more chuffed when we get the plumbing attached and working.
Love and peace

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