Mrs B has a new studio.

The old sheds, which had been our home for 7 years were dismantled and we recycled 90% of the wood into creating a studio space for MrsB as well as a garden shed.
If you go back several posts you will see how we did the initial part of creating the bare bones of the new studio, but we had visions of a veranda and a clean lined interior to create really special space that retained some of the magic of Yee Haw and Shed 1.

So we started with the studio up right and clad.

So then we set about super insulating it and also paneling the inside, fitting the electrics and sink etc

This is it with some of Mrsbs equipment in place

There is one fluorescent strips and the rest is all LED. it has plenty of power points and running cold water that has yet to be connected

Then start on the garden shed bit

Then put on the veranda roof and some of the handrails etc but it gives you a good idea

Finish the garden shed bit and clean it all up

Here it is from the front so those of you in the “shed golden light appreciation club” will see straight away that the whole place is just bathed in it at that special time. Fellow shed lovers will be pleased to know that there will be a comfy double futon bed in there as well for those who need their dose of shed now and again. (yes Pearl and Dan)

I would not be exaggerating when I say that MrsB is rather chuffed with her new studio space.

2 thoughts on “Mrs B has a new studio.

  1. WOW! Brilliant finds and I’m not surprised you were both so excited. Were the doors and chairs already cleaned up?

    I’m having shed veranda envy….

  2. Yes they came from the most amazing shop I have ever been in.
    The photos in the web site do no justice at all to the myriad of stuff in the shop. I was in sea dog nirvana.
    One thing we bought was a speaking trumpet so Mrs B can call me in when I am down the garden. the old lady up the road nearly wet her knickers laughing when she saw jilly out in the lane with it shouting to me in the kitchen when the chimney brush had come out of the top of the chimney.

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