More elaboration of the Kitchen Space

Well the kitchen is coming along nicely.
Spending several months designing the kitchen layout, building mock ups, pretending to cook and prepare / serve food in there etc is proving to be time well spent indeed. I cannot recommend this process highly enough and regardless if you like colours, material or equipment we have chosen, one thing guaranteed is that if you are a person who likes to cook, the galley part layout is awesome to cook in. We have a few minor tweaks to make with storage but we are very nearly there.

The most important part of the whole process was the building of dummy surfaces/units and pretending to cook, playing at washing up and getting stuff off shelves and putting away crockery after washing up etc etc. I could not imagine building akitchen without that process taking part.

Once we decided what we wanted We ended up building an island and the framework for where the surfaces and sink etc were to go.

The sink was fitted but not fixed into position and then wooden template tops were built for the work tops.

Then with various instructions/measurements written on these were then sent to UK for fitting stainless steel with splash backs or edgings

Here are the tops in place

then the sink being lowered in

The hob and oven fitted in situ and working

The shelves up around cooking area

Then the granite for the sink surround and drainer

So then we set about tiling the island (haven’t finished the trims or the shelf under the drainer yet)

And this is a look around today, as it is so far.
Still plenty to do but you should get the gist of it now.

In through the door from the back2front room (lounge)

Looking from the back2front wall to the front of the house

Checking out the business end of the galley

Looking across to “Helga” the Warmsler1100 wood burning range and boiler and mainstay of the house during the winter months.

Looking from the galley towards the back2front room

That should give you a better idea of where it’s heading.

I am sure anyone who looks at this will have an opinion about it, (like marmite I guess) but for the record “we” are absolutely delighted to see the closing stages of the rooms nearest completion that we have designed every detail of, created and built every square inch of, the materials we have chosen to use, the equipment we have uitilised, the way it is lit, the way that it feels to move around in, and more importantly the process of doing it. There has been lots of laughter, some tears, drops of blood, (mainly mine) plenty of sweat, but most importantly a large portion of love.

The hallways upstairs with their 3D tiling and the old school bog and cistern next up

Love and peace

Then we fi

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