‘including the kitchen sink!!

As with every other room we took long time deciding on how the kitchen would be laid out and how we wanted to be able to cook and “be” in there. The kitchen is often the beating heart of a house and in our opinion needed careful planning and consideration.
We are aware that some people are happy to chuck in an “off the shelf” kitchen or pay some stranger to come into their house to “design” it for them and tell what they want, or what is the latest “in thing” however that isn’t a route we would take, so each to their own on that.

We will be having a large wood burning range with boiler (A Warmsler 1100) in the fireplace but obviously will only cook on that in the winter months.

We will have a bottle gas hob with electric double oven (because we have found bottle gas ovens to be utter S**te and not controllable enough)

We have built an island as extra work surface which will have a larder style fridge under it, and a peninsula for the sink (ha ha how posh does that sound)
We have created a “galley” style cooking area of two opposing Ls where everything will be to hand for one or even two ( ) cooks at a time.

The galley style cooking area comes from my experience on many ships, particularly the smaller ones, where they are designed for one cook to be able to feed 15 or more men 3 times a day. Work surfaces near cookers, fridges close to hand, sink close to hand, utensils either above head or to hand in open shelves. All designed for maximum cooing area with least amount of movement needed by the cook.

I created something close to my idea of perfect in the last house we had in UK and it was easy to cook in but the best one so far has been the galley space in the shed Yee Haw where you can pirouette on the spot and reach everything required.
Obviously we want to expand on that and a large sink is a vital part of the apparatus required.

We have chosen a double Belfast style sink just over a meter long half meter wide with 2 bowls about 25cms deep.
We chose the biscuit colour.
I say “we” but actually I was plumping for the white (doh! I am man = sinks are white doh!) so MrsB made me stand in the kitchen with my eyes scrunched up looking at the floor tiles then held up a pale cream colour in my eye line, and then a white colour in my eye line, and so we ordered the pale cream, (or biscuit as they call it)

Basically where the colours come in and where the “guilding of the lily” is occurring we are firmly in MrsBs territory and I am gladly following her lead and only arguing if I really do not get it.
We still discuss and have to agree on it all and I am involved in the choice of colours and textures etc, but in general MrsB has the eye for the detail whereas I am more interested in what holding the detail up.

We had been looking in various trocs brocantes and kitchen shops etc all over Brittany but nothing had caught our eye in years so we ordered on line from a manufacturer in UK

Here it is in all its ribbed front biscuit colour glory.

Here are floor tiles
so you should be able to see how that works together

We are in the process of setting the height right and then it will have either a granite or marble shelf to the right and the along rear which sits along the top of the sink and hopefully in unison with one piece incorporating a large draining board to the left, which in itself will sit and fit seamlessly with the island worktop which maybe stainless steel or wood or something else “light” coloured (yet to be decided)

The tap will be one of those goose neck jobs probably in brass or brushed steel (although yet to be decided) and set centrally at the rear and come through the granite / marble shelf.

In the last shot you can see the rear of the sink and overflows which will obviously all be hidden.

The block work of the island and sink support will all be trimmed and smooth coated then tiled.

To the left of the picture is the island

In the background where the temp gas stove is now will be where the hob and oven go and from that in an l shape following the concrete blocks will be an L shape stainless steel top with splash back.

The top will be as wide as the cooker along the back wall and then thin down to about 350mm along the front wall ending up with round end.

Any appliance stands on a 5cm plinth (already built in) so when stuff is dropped on the floor in the cooking area and water sloshed about, none of it gets under the piddly valances and skirtings of normal fitted kitchens, or trapped under the fridge or cooker legs to fester away for ages as it does in many so called “modern” or “fitted” kitchens.

The block work along the walls (about 5 cm gap) also acts as a conduit for an air vent which takes air from outside to the main wood burning range which is out of site on the right of the picture.
The air comes in through a vent outside (under the window seat) and is piped into the space behind the blocks and then when it gets to the end of the blocks is piped to the front of the wood burning range.

The window will have a wooden seat in it and to the left of the sink in the photo will be the granite marble shelf that runs in dog leg around the sink.

That’s about it for now on the sink. I will update the progress of the kitchen and am also preparing a post that is from start to finish just the kitchen as I will do eventually with all the rooms as they come on line.

Love and Peace


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