How the back has changed.

Well M’hearties, it all started 8 years ago and round the back looked like this

But we had a vision so at the end of 2008 it looked like this

By the end of 2009 it looked like this and we called this the “slumdog millionaire phase”

And by 2010 it looked like this, whihc we called the “Swiss chalet stage”

Then came the windows upstairs and the downstairs ones as well

and in the eyebrows

That is how it has been for a couple of years now and this is what it looked like when we cleared the space in anticipation of the window/door delivery.

so imagine our excitement as the lorry turned up carrying the new window and door

Then it was case of carrying them round the back

We had already cut in the air feed channel for the fire that will eventually go in the lounge and also laid wood effect tiles as a threshold for the window/door to sit on.
This took a bit of tweaking to get the concrete base level

So then it was case of edging the framework into position however a few days before we had decided to check the measurements against the hole to discover with some horror that we had ordered it 10 cms to wide for the gap. Despite measuring it 10 timers and double checking we had done it correctly during the ordering process a 6 was mistaken for a 5 and there it was.
Luckily we have over 200mm of oak uprights to play with and the multi talented saviour of my leave “Andrew” used a chain saw to cut a channel out of the back of the oak frame so the metal window frame would slot straight in. WE chose powder coated aluminium frame as it is at the back of the house and has a 3.8 meter span under an oak beam which is bound to saga bit. WE are hoping that the metal uprights will help support that beam. WE have decided that as a belt and braces approach we will probably fit a couple of ornate steel upright columns to stand in-front of the made window uprights to act as extra support for the beam above although we are not 100% sure we need it. (watch this space)

Framework in place

There it is with the windows in although this photo doesn’t do it justice as it has a couple of acro-props in place just as a safety measure at this time but it gives you an idea, the key thing is that we are now secure and weather proof for the first time.

More to follow shortly
Love and Peace

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