Digging up the Dunney

The Dunny,

It is a self composting toilet, which is a posh way of saying ” a very deep hole in the ground under a shed with a toilet seat in it” has been in situ for 6 years.
I dug a neat hole just under 2 meters deep with a mini digger and then a trench at about 1 deep 2 meters long running at a T from the back of that.
Then put blocks around three sides of the main hole and built a shed on it with a window and made sure it was tucked away up by the walnut tree for a bit of privacy.
At the back we covered the trench with some tick timbers then some plastic sheeting and some pallets to make a stand for plant pots.

You would do your business and just sprinkle some sawdust down to disguise the shape. If it was bit of a stinker then you also had the option to drop a bit of wood ash on it.
And that was that. Very simply it would just rot down to a dust and once in a while I would lift the moajn panal and fork the dust up the trench at the back.T
he only time it would get stinky was when we had lots of females staying and they were all pissing in it, instead of the field (a bit tricky once the crops had been cut ha ha ) If that happened a small scoop of lime would instantly neutralise the pong.
OK so it could be a bit chilly first thing on a winters morning but apart form that it was magnificent trouble free method of sanitation for No2’s.
However now we have proper toilet and need the space to be reclaimed as garden it had to go and this is it going.

I will post up the shots of the ground as it now is later, and one thing is guaranteed, it will be fertile. ha ha

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