Big Day

Aye Aye Landlubbers MrsBentley had the first shower in the house today.
The shower is mighty, but needs a tweak or two to become awesome.
The thermal store is running, the solar panels are harvesting heat when the sun shines, the underfloor heating in the lounge has been flashed up but it will be 24 hours or more before we know how effective it is, the Warmsler range is afire and the warmth is being spread about the house but we need to spend some time balancing the system and learning how to get the best from it.
That said Chez Bentley is alive!!!!!!

The photos and story will be following soon

Love and peace Bentley

2 thoughts on “Big Day

  1. Oh come on Bentley, don’t just leave us hanging have waited ages for this update, you really made me laugh with the broken collar bone saga, we were building a house and three days before we moved in i fell over and broke my leg, that has set us back about four months, thought i was the most unlucky person in the world at the time (just being dramatic) Glad to see everything is working out for you really enjoying the blog

  2. Aye Aye Lyn, to say I have been “a tad busy” trying to organise and oversee one handed the installation and get some sort of proper diagnosis on the shoulder would be mild understatement.
    I am back on board now and apologise for the tardiness in my reply but I just haven’t had chance to look at the site yet alone update it.
    I am waiting for the photos to arrive in photobucket and we will be off with the next installments.

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