If it was a film script you would laugh it off as being “improbable” however real life does have a way of being improbable.
This is the most important leave since we put the roof on in August 2009, it is the leave where the thermal store, solar panels, Warmsler range, thermaskirt heating, the bath, shower, the kitchen sink plumbing all come together in the realisation of the design put together with Rick Nokes and supplied and admirably supported by Andrew Henderson from Teknos.
I spent 6 weeks organising the logistics of thousands of pounds worth of equipment from various suppliers both in the UK and France and all fell perfectly into place, so what could possibly go wrong as the ship arrived in Singapore with 24 hours to spare before I flew home and began the BIG CONNECTION ???

Well how about me slipping in the shower and dislocating and breaking my shoulder!!!

A bit of a bastard is a mild understatement. however work is continuing and i will report in about 4 weeks as to progress. For those of you who have been following the build I can guarantee the next few posts will be full of the “WOW FACTOR” even if I will be still typing with one hand.
Love and Peace

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