A Separate Bog Is A Must.

Aye Aye M’hearties,
I cant be doing with a bog in the bathroom, never understood it and never liked it.
Of course when they started cramming more and more houses (or investment opportunities as they became known) into smaller and smaller footprints in the desperate scramble for profit as opposed to building proper, usable, livable, family homes people began to accept the bog crammed in to a corner of the bathroom.
There is nothing worse for anyone when deciding to have luxurious bath or refreshing shower only to walk into the bathroom and be confronted by the hideous odour of someone inconsiderate bastard’s food ghosts lingering in the air.
It is uncivilised, uncouth and uncalled for, especially if you have the space to create a separate small room specifically for the evacuation of bowels and bladders.
I have seen pictures of recent renovations where despite an apparent abundance of space they have still mindlessly shoved the kharzy in with the bath and shower, when for want of bit of forethought and better planning they wouldn’t have to shower or bath engulfed in the stench of someone else’s shite, nor would they have to postpone their eagerly awaited cleansing process whilst the air becomes breathable again.

I just wanted to get that off my chest before I showed you the rather natty old school cistern we have bought for the upstairs bog and the genuine old school (and I mean genuine old “school” as in like they used to be at school) bog.

here is the cistern in polished steel genuine article with new parts to make it work smoothly

Once sited in place we work out the beds and stuff and make template in plastic to required length etc and they also replicate it in the brass or copper gush pipe. It will look marvelous.

Now a good mate of ours on a renovation in the UK found a toilet that wa designed to have no seat but I found it a bit slippery and occasionally cold and I remember thinking that it would be great to find one of those bogs with the wooden half bits like they used to have at school where there is no need for a seat and no cold shock when you sit down.
Well joy of joys because Mongers (http://www.mongersofhingham.co.uk/) they of the art deco tap fame, also had that style of bog in stock along with the polished steel cisterns.

Happy days I will update when they are fitted in place and give a detailed and graphic description of resting your bum cheeks on a bit of warm teak before discharging ballast.

Arf arf


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