Mrs B Weaves her stone magic

Aye Aye Landlubbers.

So we had camouflaged the septic tank and filter and then laid the concrete block core of what will become our front area of the house.
It was all set for Mrs B to weave her stone magic and create something to which I can then make and fix a low lying palisade style fence to complete the picture.
MrsB has just sent me the photos of the progress so far and I think it is absolutely superb.

So it started like this

And when we had camouflaged the septic tank and put in the concrete walls, it looked like this.

And now MrsB does her thing!!

Being watched as ever by the old farm dog ‘Hercule’ who just adores her.

And our jack ‘Minnie’ who also adores her

Post box and newspaper slot

And now with a few pots in place and the flowers already happy in their new home in the wall

And now you should be able to get an idea of how good it is going to look with a low wooden fence (about same height as the slot for letters) running along the front both sides of the gate on the back of the wall

Here you can see the stones that will be used in the yard area and also some of the multitude of old reclaimed materials from the house used for pot stands on top of the wall.

I guess it is reasonable to say that there has been something of a significant transformation to the fornt of the house and we think it still retains the original character of a little French farm cottage (although perhaps a well cared for one.

In the beginning it looked like this

and today it looks like this

Its coming along!!

Paix et d’amour.


3 thoughts on “Mrs B Weaves her stone magic

  1. Wow! Even I’m excited and I’ve never seen the place! It looks sweet and restful and Mrs B has pulled off a masterpiece in rustic charm! Just one question – what is the reason for the grille on the window to the right? My man and I are planning our move to La Belle France in 2 years and need to know about such things… Lorraine 🙂

  2. The grille on the window is the kitchen. I dont know if it was an any theft device to keep out human fingers, although people dint have pot to piss in during the days that this place was inhabited so I am guessing it was as much so the windows could be open and it would stop the cows horses or goats etc poking their head through the window and eating the bread or whatever.
    That said metal was expensive and perhaps they were put in to give the impression that there was something worth nicking inside.
    I am going to ask MrsB to ask the old ladies of the hamlet to see if they know what is for.

    • Hi Bentley

      OK – that makes sense about the animals.. I did wonder about cats being the most likely intruders, but thought they’d get through the grill. So it’ll just keep out the wildebeest then? And that explains why the grille is there (kitchen) and not on the other downstairs window. Thanks to you and Mrs B. Looking forward to next instalments and have Mike poring over fosse septique pictures as I write!
      All the best
      Lorraine 🙂

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