Digging up the Dunney

The Dunny,

It is a self composting toilet, which is a posh way of saying ” a very deep hole in the ground under a shed with a toilet seat in it” has been in situ for 6 years.
I dug a neat hole just under 2 meters deep with a mini digger and then a trench at about 1 deep 2 meters long running at a T from the back of that.
Then put blocks around three sides of the main hole and built a shed on it with a window and made sure it was tucked away up by the walnut tree for a bit of privacy.
At the back we covered the trench with some tick timbers then some plastic sheeting and some pallets to make a stand for plant pots.

You would do your business and just sprinkle some sawdust down to disguise the shape. If it was bit of a stinker then you also had the option to drop a bit of wood ash on it.
And that was that. Very simply it would just rot down to a dust and once in a while I would lift the moajn panal and fork the dust up the trench at the back.T
he only time it would get stinky was when we had lots of females staying and they were all pissing in it, instead of the field (a bit tricky once the crops had been cut ha ha ) If that happened a small scoop of lime would instantly neutralise the pong.
OK so it could be a bit chilly first thing on a winters morning but apart form that it was magnificent trouble free method of sanitation for No2’s.
However now we have proper toilet and need the space to be reclaimed as garden it had to go and this is it going.

I will post up the shots of the ground as it now is later, and one thing is guaranteed, it will be fertile. ha ha

Whoop Whoop new Doors for the Kitchen

So there we were bimbling along down towards Lorient, to have look in some reclamation yards for some interesting doors for the interior, especially the kitchen.
I had done some searching on the net and identified 5 possible sites along the route.
The first one was closed when we arrived, (despite the info on the website saying it was open) and we were then told it only opens once week, on different days of each week, and at different times of each day. I would be open at some stage but they couldn’t tell us what day it would be, except that today wasn’t it.
Ah well we didn’t give a toss because we were just happy to be in the truck together off on an exploration so decided to leave the other one in Vannes alone and set of towards Lorient.
After about 10 miles I saw a sign of a village name I recognised and mentioned to MrsB that it was where there was some sort of nautical antiques place, which to quote me “Was bound to be expensive full of old crap where they expect you to pay 300 euros for a picture of light house etc etc.”
As we were driving past anyway it seemed churlish not to pop in and have a look, so we found the place and parked round the side of the building.
We had peak in through the windows and I knew I was in trouble.
Big trouble,
Big Big trouble, as in how much have I got stashed and available on plastic trouble!!!

Just looking at tiny segment of stuff through the window was enough for both of us to be completely gobsmacked just feasting our eyes on some of the most amazing nautical items of furniture and curios I have seen outside of a ship.
I mean treasure trove, died and gone to old sea dog heaven gobsmacked!!
It only became worse from then on as leaning up inside the entrance were two mahogany/teak ships doors, one with a round porthole and one with square one, complete with their mahogany/teak frames.
I have walked though our kitchen doors thousands of times, I have sat and looked at then wondering if I should just make doors to fit or would we one day find the doors to fit, so I knew the size we wanted it is almost imprinted on my retina, and these doors were waiting for us right there.
I didn’t really need to use the tape measure, although I did measure them about 20 times just to make sure.
MrsB could sense my excitement and shared my enthusiasm that here were the doors we have been looking for, for over 5 years.

My total attention was drawn to the doors so I really hadn’t noticed we were still in the vestibule and on the threshold of what I will happily describe as the best shop I have ever been in.
Never have I been so completely bowled over by one item after another, be it beautiful old ships chart tables, or a captains bureau, or the big brass side lights, or massive brass working telegraphs, or an officers saloon dining table complete with baffles, or the deck recliners from passenger ships, and portholes, and bridge windows, and more doors, and more items of nautical equipment and fittings all taken from ships built before 1960. Brass and hard wood and exquisite craftsmanship.

We also spotted some wonderful art deco style dining chairs taken from a ships dining room and ,,, well we have been looking for some chairs for the kitchen and so they ended up in the trolley and then we spotted a row of three theatre seats taken again from the events room of an old passenger vessel that had been re covered in white canvas and were coincidently the same length as our kitchen table and would be perfect for us to have against the wall behind the table when it was just us two but when guests come there are three seats ready to go once the table was pulled out.
Kid in a sweet shop would not even come close to describe how I adore this shop.


Here is the door though to the backtofront room and it slotted straight into place with just a tiny shave of wood having to come out of the gap
As you can see we haven’t finished the fitting, with some profiling to do along the edges and a triangular fan light above still to go but it gives you an idea of the door (better photos to follow)

This photo makes it look wonky because of all the stuffing around the edge waiting for me to do the profiling properly but it gives you an idea of how good it will look

But this one fitted on the frame inside the scullery and,,,,, well just look at it yourself, it was made to go there./

Here are the chairs

and here are the theatre seats

So happy Bentleys and with some tidying up round the edges of the doors etc they will look even more awesome.

Love and Peace

Mrs B has a new studio.

The old sheds, which had been our home for 7 years were dismantled and we recycled 90% of the wood into creating a studio space for MrsB as well as a garden shed.
If you go back several posts you will see how we did the initial part of creating the bare bones of the new studio, but we had visions of a veranda and a clean lined interior to create really special space that retained some of the magic of Yee Haw and Shed 1.

So we started with the studio up right and clad.

So then we set about super insulating it and also paneling the inside, fitting the electrics and sink etc

This is it with some of Mrsbs equipment in place

There is one fluorescent strips and the rest is all LED. it has plenty of power points and running cold water that has yet to be connected

Then start on the garden shed bit

Then put on the veranda roof and some of the handrails etc but it gives you a good idea

Finish the garden shed bit and clean it all up

Here it is from the front so those of you in the “shed golden light appreciation club” will see straight away that the whole place is just bathed in it at that special time. Fellow shed lovers will be pleased to know that there will be a comfy double futon bed in there as well for those who need their dose of shed now and again. (yes Pearl and Dan)

I would not be exaggerating when I say that MrsB is rather chuffed with her new studio space.