Bug Clearance Fine Tuning

Some Fine Tuning of the settings and we should be raring to go.
Apologies to you lovely people who may have received a couple of odd mails from the site in the last day or two. It is me making sure that all is in order with people being able to join and be notified when I post before I start making regular blog posts in the next 10 days.
You should have just received a mail saying that I have made a post on the “my rustic view blog ” section of the website. I will also be shortly updating the building blog and you should receive mail saying I have done so once I get back on board the ship in about 10 days time.
I am hoping that I have all the little foibles sorted now however as I am learning as I go along with the mail shot we will have to wait and see.
I am looking forward to finally getting the site rolling.
Love and Peace

Site maintenance

Aye Aye landlubbers, there I was all full of good intentions about blogging more regularly but I rather thoughtlessly allowed myself to get sidetracked.
Mingle that with some procrastination and the net result is that not much action has been occurring on here. That is about to change.
My web site designer has been setting the site up so that people can enroll and then receive auto email updates whenever I make a post and we are having a look at making blog follower comments a bit easier and more visual.
I am also setting up a face book page as a conduit to this site, although I draw the line at becoming a member of the “twatteratti” because I find the restrictive number of characters allowable on Twatter not suited to my often preferred verbose style. I also have some uncomfortable social issues with it which I will cover in a blog soon.
Just ironing out a few minor site glitches over the next week or so and then will finally haul my ares into gear.