Ship Ahoy!

Ship Ahoy! Ship Ahoy! Ship Ahoy!  

We have been working in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand, an exclusion zone for all shipping, therefore we have not seen a proper ship for months, therefore it is a joy to be on passage to Singapore and as we come into the regularly used shipping lanes, near the eastern entrance to the Mallacca Strait, and see plenty of ships of all shapes and sizes.

Box boats (container ships) Bulk vessel,s  Tankers, Gas carriers, Heavy Lift ships, Car carriers, Coasters of all sorts and my absolute favourite, old style traditional general cargo ships, preferably with derricks.

It makes me feel like a proper roughy toughy sailor again, and there is something innately satisfying about being able to cast a knowledgeable sailors eye over the different sort of vessels and from their flag, company and age know what the conditions on board are likely to be and their trading patterns.

Although since the advent of containerisation shipping patterns and the life at sea have change completely, some things about a seafarers life don’t change and one of them is the feeling of complete comfort when in the company of other ships and the seafarers that ply their trade on them.

I might be feeling all upbeat as well because on arrival or shortly afterwards I will be heading home for another 7 weeks of work on the renovation project with Mrs B.

We have our new 2,000 liter “thermal store” arriving at the beginning of November which will become the central hub of the heating and hot water system of the house and we have plenty of work to do to prepare the area where it will be located.

On the subject of the ongoing renovations I have decided to set up another blogsite / website, (soon to be announced) specifically to document both of the French renovation projects because at the moment it is all on the French Entrée forum  

As long as I continue to be an active member of the forum that is fine and dandy, however due to me being occasionally out spoken (shock horror), there has emerged a plethora of purse lipped, tut tutters, (of the middle England daily mail reading classes), on the site, many of whom find my honest and forthright postings to be a bit rich for their delicate sensibilities and appear to be determined to find offence at any of my posts, therefore I think my days maybe numbered.

There are also a couple or few who have taken a dislike to my style of posting and just snipe away rather than ever engaging in discussion.
With some of them (and not just on the one forum) it is a bit like having a stupid puppy that keeps pissing on the floor, you first show it what it has done and then chuck it out in the garden for a while. 
When it comes back in it pisses on the floor again, so this time you rub its nose in it and chuck it out.
When it comes back in it pisses on the floor again and so you pit pepper on it and rub its nose in it and chuck it out and when it comes back in it pisses on the floor again and at that moment you realise that it is either stupid or likes having its nose rubbed in the piss.

The hardcore right wingers I can put up with and I really enjoy the debate with them even though our views are diametrically opposed, because (imo)  if you don’t challenge your ideas against people who don’t share them, and are in fact are opposed to them, than how do you know they stand up to scrutiny. 
Like I said there is a certain intellectual challenge to testing your opinions  but to be honest I think life is a bit short to be spending time constantly swatting away the pitiful bleatings of the pious, delicate, easily offended and maliciously spiteful.

So that’s why I think it prudent to do separate websites for the renovation projects, just in case some of the bleaters and complainers get their way and have me banned as they would so dearly like.
Although I intend to stay a member of the French Entrée forum I think I will start posting more often on here with my musings and ramblings regrading life, the universe and everything just to see if I can expand it into something bigger than a blog.

It will be a bit an opportunity to expand a bit more because it is out of the often constraining confines of “Forum  Rules” and away from the more sensitive types, that often inhabit Forums but seem unable to cope with the rough and tumble of debate on them.

People can comment on here if they like (as they have done) and as you all  know I am always happy to engage on any subject.